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Broulis Beat Report: Browns QB situation and it’s impact on 2018 By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- I wanted to bring this up, since we’re in the “Dry season” of the NFL. I wanted to talk about the quarterback situation for 2017 and how 2017 can dictate 2018.

Brock Osweiler is still on the Browns roster. So, while many people think Osweiler is no good and he has no business being a starter in the NFL, I’m going to bring up some points.

  1. Osweiler played behind one of the best ever, Peyton Manning. He had to have learned something from Manning.
  2. Once Osweiler signed with Houston, he never seen eye to eye with Texans head coach Bill O’Brien. There were reports of arguments between the two. Over what? I don’t know, but now, there are reports that there is a growing tension between general manager Rick Smith and O’Brien. So, one must wonder, how much blame does Osweiler deserve and how much blame does O’Brien deserve between those two? Was it Brock who maybe had an ego problem or is Bill O’Brien the type of coach where it’s his way or no way?
  3. Do I view Brock Osweiler as a top 10 quarterback? No. Do I see Osweiler as a top 20 QB? I can’t honestly answer that with a yes or no. Looking at a list of 50 QB’s, I can honestly say that I feel Osweiler is better than Blake Bortles, who, for 2016 was ranked in the top 15. The book is still out on both Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott. They had great rookie seasons, but defenses in the NFL will adjust. We’ll see just how well they adjust in 2017. My point? While Osweiler is not the second coming of Otto Graham, he’s not the worst QB in the NFL. And remember this, if he didn’t go 5-2 for Denver 2 seasons ago, they might not have won Super Bowl 50.
  4. Didn’t John Elway offer Osweiler $16 million a year? Maybe Elway was wrong in his assessment of Brock, maybe not. Brock Osweiler would have been more successful if he would have stayed in Denver. He knew the system and the players around him. Plus, he had a great defense to help him out.
  5. What went so wrong for Osweiler in Houston? I’ve been asked this question before. Do I think he stinks as a quarterback? No, we already covered this at the beginning of the article. A part of me thinks he let the money get to him. Another part of me thinks he wasn’t ready to deal with the expectations of the situation down in Houston or it could be a combination of the two. Either way, most of us knew early that it wasn’t a good fit. Coming to a situation in Cleveland is a fresh start for Brock. The expectations are completely opposite in Cleveland as compared to Houston. The Texans decided to put their faith in rookie star Deshaun Watson. I don’t want to hear this garbage about Tom Savage being the guy Houston will start at QB. Savage is a backup at best. Watson is already a better QB than him.
  6. Brock is coming into a situation where he will have to play good to get the start. He won’t be handed the job, like in Houston.

This brings me to Cody Kessler. I don’t see Kessler as a starter in the NFL. I think he can be a good backup QB, but then again, maybe he comes out in training camp and proves otherwise. Kessler had two problems last year. The first being his unwillingness to throw the ball deep down the field. That did not go over well with head coach Hue Jackson. The other? Cody was afraid to throw interceptions. So, he played it safe and never took any chances. In the NFL, you’re going to have to take chances. It’s that simple. You can’t be afraid to throw an interception. If Kessler can improve in those areas, he’ll have a chance to win the starting job.

Cody Kessler didn’t post great stats last year, but he took care of the ball and played through injury.

Cleveland drafted Deshone Kizer in the second round. Notre Dame had a down year last year, so of course all the blame goes towards the QB. I like that the draft experts pointed out that the Fighting Irish lost some really good players to the draft two seasons ago, Notre Dame’s record showed that. I’m hoping that Kizer either, won’t have to play a down this year because Kessler or Osweiler will stay healthy and productive or Kizer looks so good during training camp and pre-season, that Hue has no choice but to start him. I don’t want Kizer being forced into play due to injuries. Cleveland invested a lot of money into rebuilding the offensive line, hopefully that pays off.

How does all this talk effect next year’s draft? Right now, there are four quarterbacks, according the experts, that are expected to go in the top 10, possibly top 5. Sam Darnold of USC (6’4-225). I liked what I seen out of Darnold from what I seen of him. Josh Rosen of UCLA (6’4-210). I haven’t seen him play yet. Luke Falk of Washington State (6’4-205). Again, I haven’t seen him play. And finally, Josh Allen of Wyoming (6’5-222). Yes, they play football in the state of Wyoming. I have yet to see this guy play as well. Here’s the deal. No one on this earth knows if any of them are the real deal, but there will be four teams that take a chance on them, in hopes that they are a franchise QB.


Either Kessler, Osweiler or Kizer emerge as “The guy” and the Browns are convinced that one of the three can help lead them to winning a title in the next 3-5 years.


Just my opinion, but it’s highly unlikely that either emerge to that type of status. Next year, the Browns will have the draft picks to trade up, unless they only win 1-2 games in 2017 and are already in position to take one of those quarterbacks. Wouldn’t it be nice to already have that guy you know is your guy under center and you can take the best player available instead of a quarterback?

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