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Broulis Beat Report: Browns Need To Draft QB And Pass On Bosa

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CANTON,Ohio- I hear so many people say how Cleveland needs to draft Bosa at #2. So my question is why? I hope all of you aren’t saying that just because he had a great career at Ohio State or just because he’s from Ohio State. Believe it or not I think he might be the worst case scenario for the Browns for one reason. Does anyone realize that Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton uses a 3-4 defense and Joey Bosa will not fit in that scheme.

Now if Horton would change to a 4-3 then he would be a good fit. Bosa is not a coverage guy. The last thing the Browns should do is draft him and try to turn him into an outside linebacker. He is strictly a pass rusher.

Remember Jabaal Sheard? He played great for the Patriots in 13 games having 8 sacks. Do you know why? Because New England just wanted him to do one thing and that’s rush the passer. Cleveland had him dropping back into coverage at times and he wasn’t and never will be a coverage guy.

I’m not saying Bosa won’t be a great player but he needs to be on a team that will use him as a pass rusher in the 4-3. I think Dallas would be a good fit plus then the Cowboys would be able to tell Greg Hardy to go take a hike.

I’ve also heard comparisons of Bosa and J.J. Watt. Just stop now. Watt is a bigger overall person then Bosa so that’s why Houston can use him as just a pass rusher and in my opinion Watt is a better overall athlete then Joey Bosa.

Before I’m done with Joey Bosa I want to add one thing. According to multiple sources from the combine, Bosa does have some character issues and I believe that to a degree, let me explain. Remember when he got tossed from the bowl game against Notre Dame for lowering his helmet and hitting the QB? Well I’ve told many people that in my opinion I think he did that on purpose so that he wouldn’t risk injury so he could all but guarantee himself being a top 10 pick. To me that’s putting yourself ahead of the team knowing they’d need you but that’s my opinion.

I watched some of the combine with Wentz and Goff. I would be happy with either and I’m convinced that both have a chance to be a long term answer at starting quarterback for an NFL team. I just think Goff looks more polished but neither will have a decent year with Cleveland if the Browns don’t have a good offensive line would is looking like what the case will be with Mack and Schwartz likely leaving Via free agency. 

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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