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Broulis Beat Report: Browns lack complimentary football leading to 10th loss By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- My usual frustrating thoughts, after Cleveland falls to 0-10 after 19-7 loss to Jacksonville. The first thing I want to point out, is the vacant and silent treatment being given to ownership by all those people that bought tickets for this game, but decided it was truly a waste of their time. They let the empty seats do the talking for them. If you were at the game or watched it, that is the fans saying they’re fed up with the product. When the Cleveland Browns made the choice to completely tear this team down, they let a lot of veterans go. I didn’t have a problem when they let go of Alex Mack, Mitchell Schwartz or Joe Haden. I bring up Mack and Schwartz because, not only did I see defenders blowing right by them, but all I heard from both, the media, and fans, was how bad of a right tackle Schwartz was. I agreed. From an experience standpoint, yes, it’s hurting the Browns. Talent wise, I feel differently than some others. But that’s the beauty of sports. Agreeing to disagreeing. Joe Haden hasn’t been a pro bowl caliber player in three years. Could Cleveland have used his leadership on the field? I’d say yes. Not his talent. Haden is now benefitting from a very good front seven in Pittsburgh. Cleveland doesn’t have that. The Browns made a mistake when they let go of TJ Ward. Ward’s only problem was his inability to cover consistently. Getting back to the main point. While Cleveland really stripped this whole thing down, there simply is still no excuse for the product on the field. I told a friend of mine, who’s a Lions fan, that asking a team to win one game in a span of 16 games, isn’t asking for much. Yet, the Browns have turned this into rocket science. It is truly amazing how difficult Cleveland has made it out to win one game in the NFL. Is it easy to win in the NFL? No, but if you’re a Browns fan, the Browns should have tried to make you think that it is. I’ve been attending Browns home games since 2005, and I’ve never heard a stadium so out of touch with its team. The fans that are there want, so badly to have a reason to stand up and get loud. Not this team. They’ll give you a few plays here and there, but nothing that is long and sustaining. Mother nature even tried to help a little. Snow was falling at times, while the winds kept swirling. Yet, the team from sunny Florida didn’t seem to have much trouble with it. Jacksonville did fumble the ball five times. Jaguars big time running back Leonard Fournette was the first 100-yard rusher allowed by Cleveland’s rush defense. Fournette ran the ball 28 times for 111 yards including a 29-yard run. Blake Bortles didn’t look good, but made throws when he needed to. DeShone Kizer looked really bad. Granted, he didn’t get help when his receivers dropped more passes. But, Kizer’s accuracy was a problem most of the day. Kizer’s final stats were 16/32 for 179 yards. One touchdown, which was actually a nice throw up the middle to Duke Johnson, but he also had two ugly interceptions. Isaiah Crowell continues to show his lack of talent. Good-bye already! How about Matthew Dayes seeing some action in the kick return game. Dayes ran back a kickoff 53-yards. I still don’t understand why Cleveland doesn’t go with a two-headed monster of Duke Johnson and Matthew Dayes for a backfield. I might as well stop dreaming, because it won’t happen this year. The defense just got warn down late in the game. When the offense couldn’t sustain drives, or turned the ball over, the defense was back out on the field. Again, no complimentary football here. With Jamie Collins out, James Burgess came in to replace Collins. Burgess had a good day. In fact, the best day of any of the players on defense. Christian Kirksey had a good day as well. Burgess had 16 total tackles including one sack. Kirksey had 13 total tackles and a sack as well. The Browns did manage to sack Bortles twice. Kizer was sacked five times. Last week in Detroit, Deshone Kizer has his best game. This week, it was his worst. From not seeing wide open receivers, to making bad choices whether it be throwing into the wrong places, or not running when he could’ve gained more yards and easy yards at that, to his continued accuracy problems. Head coach Hue Jackson has already come out and said Kizer, as long as he’s healthy, will be the starter. DeShone will not have to worry about being benched again. Jacksonville out-played Cleveland in this game. I will say that the ref’s in this game left a lot to be desired. The Jaguars intercepted Kizer. The cornerback let the ball hit the ground, and even after replay clearly showed the ball hitting the ground, the play stood. There was also a no call on a hit on a defenseless player that wasn’t called during a punt. While that likely wouldn’t have changed the out-come, I wish both, the NBA and the NFL would and could be more consistent. Again, I should stop dreaming. Email: Twitter: @nbroulis Facebook: The Broulis Beat Report  

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