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Broulis Beat Report: Browns Continue To Show No Hope In Loss To Pittsburgh

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CANTON,Ohio- The weather was anything but beautiful down at FirstEnergy stadium. You could easily say the same for the Browns performance as Cleveland fell to 0-11 after a loss to the Steelers with a final score of 24-9.

What might be worse? Browns quarterback Cody Kessler suffered his second concussion of the season. It is my opinion that Kessler shouldn’t play another down this year. I don’t say that because of his play. True, Cody didn’t have his best day, but for the sake of his long-term health, he shouldn’t. It’s been well documented the effects concussions have had on former NFL players. If I’m Kessler, I’d refuse to play another down until I have some protection up front. I’m not suffering long-term health issues after playing for a team that is winless. It’s just simple not happening.

Offensively, the Browns only totaled 209 yards of offense. How about 33 yards rushing. That’s a terrible stat considering the weather conditions. Cleveland only attempted 13 rushes compared to 28 attempted from Pittsburgh. The Browns decided to pass the ball 41 times…..with wind gusts of up to 40 MPH.

The Pittsburgh Steelers rushed for 146 yards. Le’Veon Bell was the primary weapon. He ran the ball effectively and caught the ball just as good. If your’re Cleveland, how do you not make sure you know where Bell is on every possession? I’m once again calling you out Ray Horton. Any adjustments? At all?

The tackling has been bad all year long. Nothing new there.

How much worse can Cleveland’s offensively line get? Pittsburgh racked up 8 total quarterback sacks. That’s just one game! 8 sacks! Unbelievable.

Not only couldn’t they protect Kessler or McCown, but they couldn’t open up any holes for the rushing attack. I know, people want the Browns to take a quarterback in the first round. It doesn’t matter who you have under center right now. If you don’t give a QB protection, he will fail. Period. So, all those calling for a QB with that first pick, are you sure you want to get another quarterback injured behind this collection of five guys you call an offensive line? Not me.

I wanted to point out, before I forget about this. While Kessler was down on the ground after behind hit hard, Terrelle Pryor was right there checking on him and making sure he was ok. Pryor has shown so much progress this year as a player and a leader on this team. The Browns must sign Pryor to a long-term deal. He deserves it.

Pryor himself also got his bell rung after taking a hit going over the middle trying to make a catch.

There is no doubt in my mind that Robert Griffin will be back after the bye-week. The good thing about Griffin is he has mobility. I know what your’re thinking. That’s what has put him on the bench previously. Hopefully he can avoid that part of it. The Browns don’t have any other options really.

I would imagine Josh McCown will be the starter next Sunday when the New York Giants come to Cleveland.

Unfortunately, I can only write so much about a team that has only regressed and continues to mount loss after loss. It’s not always easy writing articles when it comes to a covering a team that plays so bad on a consistent basis. I can only hope that they show some signs of improvement soon.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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