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Broulis Beat Report: Beatings continue as Browns lose 33-17 to Houston By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- The beatings continue as the Browns lose 33-17 to Houston.

Well, so much for the Kevin Hogan experiment. At least for this week. Hogan looked just as bad, if not worse than Kizer. Kevin Hogan went 20/37 for 140 yards with 1 touchdown and three interceptions. Not exactly what I would call a decent performance. Hue Jackson was hoping Hogan would stabilize the QB position long enough to at least let Kizer have a chance to just relax on the sidelines. Unfortunately, all Kevin Hogan did, was create another controversy at the quarterback spot again.

If you’re Hue Jackson, do you dare make yet another change and bring back DeShone Kizer after just benching him for one week? Hogan did nothing to prove he’s worthy of another start.

I’m tired of hearing about the Browns passing up on Watson with the 12th pick in the draft last year. A lot of people seem to forget or just choose to forget that Watson is on a much better team in Houston. If you’re asking me how I can say that, it’s simple. The Texans have a much better defense and more weapons on offense. And it’s not even close.

If Watson were a Brown, he’d probably be having the same success as Kizer has experienced so far. There have been many QB’s who have benefitted from landing in a great spot and growing to become a great player. Ben Roethlisberger is a perfect example of that. Watson was 17/29 and threw for 225 yards which included three touchdowns and one interception.

This game caused me to fight falling asleep around the mid-way point of the third quarter. Unfortunately for Browns fans, this has been the case for a couple seasons now.

This has to be the lowest point this Browns team has ever been in since they began playing back in 1946. It’s sad when Browns fans are just hoping for one win in a season.

Think about that, on top of just wishing their team would play a competitive game. It has only happened twice in 2017 so far. Week one in a loss versus Pittsburgh and a 17-14 loss to the Jets.

Cleveland Browns fans use nothing but sarcasm when talking about their Sunday gatherings of a Browns game. I’m sure that some or most of them actually have a side project planned for when the game eventually gets out of hand. Who knows, maybe laundry, dishes, grilling? The possibilities are endless.

Getting back to the game.

Myles Garrett is exempt from this article. I know he’s a part of the team, but Garrett has played extremely well in his first two games. Garrett already has 3 sacks in his two games. Keep in mind, in his first game, Garrett was playing in a limited role. His ankle has started feeling better, so they increased his role and Myles played great against the Texans. Keep in mind, Myles, not only had a sack, but forced Watson into some bad situations, including an interception that Jason McCourty benefitted from that led to a pick-six.

The Browns were dreadful as usual on third down. The Browns only went 3/14 (21%). Houston went 5/13 (38%).

Cleveland has been the worst team when it comes to the red zone. That trend continued today. Only 50%. Unless you’re a team that hits a lot of big plays, you must be successful when it comes to red zone efficiency.

How about all of those penalties for Cleveland. How does 11 flags for 72 yards? When you’re as young and bad as the Browns are, that’s one thing that can be cleaned up and needs to be cleaned up. That’s a lack of discipline, focus and the coaches not doing a good enough job to address them.

I’ve been done with Browns running back Isaiah Crowell. He seemed to have a little bit better of a game today, but not even close to where he should be, according to him. For a guy that says he thinks about his contract situation, before during and after every game, he sure isn’t playing like it.

Before the season started, I made my predictions for each division and I even included the win-loss records. I had the Browns winning three games. That was going out on a limb. I was not expecting the Browns to play as bad as they did last year. Every person that I can remember asking, said six or seven games. I do wonder if I caught them on a sick day.

People need to realize how far the Cleveland Browns are from winning that many games in a season. The secondary still needs helps and anyone who watches a Browns, fan of them or not, can see how much help they need on offense. That’s one reason why I don’t want Cleveland drafting a QB with their first pick in the draft. They need to draft more weapons for the quarterback to have.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people being frustrated about how DC Gregg Williams has been using Jabrill Peppers. I couldn’t agree more. There is no reason to have Peppers playing 20-30 yards off the line of scrimmage. I also said, after the Browns drafted Peppers, that if they plan on using him as a safety, he’ll have to improve his coverage skills. Peppers is a hitter and tackler, not a ball hawk. He’s best used close to the action.

The Tennessee Titans play the Colts on Monday night football. Both teams are 2-3 as of now. You better believe that if the Titans lose on Monday night, they’ll be thrilled knowing they come to Cleveland to play the winless Browns, who are showing no signs of coming out of the funk they’ve been in since 1999.


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