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Broulis Beat Report: Bad Second Half Sends Browns To 0-8

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CANTON,Ohio- The Browns have a very very bad defense. Now, they’re dropping passes that could extend drives. Despite a 28-31 final score with the Jets winning, that score does not indicate how bad the Browns played after they scored 20 points.

So what is making the Browns defense so bad? Well, let’s start with tackling. How difficult is it to tackle? This is tackling we’re talking about. Your’re supposed to know how to tackle fundamentally before you even get to high school!

The Jets running backs and receivers really made the Browns look horrible when it came to breaking away from would be tacklers. If your’re a good tackling team, that improves your defense by 50 percent. I also get so tired of players trying to knock out the offensive player with their shoulders. Wrap them up. If you can’t bring them down, hold onto them until your teammates get there. It’s really not that difficult.

Yet, the Cleveland Browns continuously make it look so tough to do.

Staying with the defense. How many times will the Safeties allow the opposition to run right past them for a deep pass play?

What helps out an bad secondary? How about putting consistent pressure on the quarterback? New York Jets quarterback Ryan FitzPatrick had all day, for the most part, to scan the field and make good decisions and throws.

Cleveland’s defensive line was getting pushed all around after the first quarter. Matt Forte ran the ball 25 times for 82 yards including two touchdowns. Running back Bilal Powell had 6 rushes for 76 yards. That bad tackling that I keep tackling about? It could have kept these runners from reaching big gains.

How about that Jets passing attack? Once they got the running game going, that opened things up for the passing game for receivers like Quincy Enunwa and Brandon Marshall. Enunwa caught 4 passes for 93 yards and a touchdown. Marshall had 4 receptions for 68 yards. The Cleveland secondary was down right scary.

The defensive line was not plugging their gaps most of the time. They managed to keep the running backs for the Jets from reaching the outside in the first quarter but after that, the flood gates opened.

The players that I thought had a good day on defense were Carl Nassib, Emmanuel Ogbah, DeMario Davis and Jamie Meder. Nassib and Ogbah had a combined 3 tipped passes. They also helped out a lot on run defense in the first quarter.

The entire secondary was only good for the first quarter. After that, Nothing.

Cleveland did nothing on the ground. Crowell and Johnson couldn’t get anything going. Not even Jim Brown could have done much better behind this offensive line.

Quarterback Josh McCown did throw for 341 yards and two touchdowns. It’s sad when I say I’m just happy one of our QB’s made it through an entire game without getting knocked out.

Terrelle Pryor had a very good day, catching 6 passes for 101 yards. But he did have a costly drop late in the game. Andrew Hawkins caught 5 passes for 31 yards and two touchdowns. While Duke Johnson didn’t have a good day running the ball, he had a great day catching the ball. Johnson caught 6 passes for 87 yards.

Overall, if the Cleveland Browns would have played even half as good in the second half as they did in the first half, they might have won the game. But they didn’t.

Now the Cleveland Browns fall to 0-8 and host the red hot Dallas Cowboys at FirstEnergy stadium. I don’t give the Browns much of a chance at all. The only way they win this game is if Dallas has a bad day on both sides of the ball and they’re over looking the Browns.

On a side, but positive note, the Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots agreed to a trade. The Browns sent a conditional third round pick to the Patriots for linebacker Jamie Collins. Collins is rated as a top five linebacker in the NFL and he’s versatile. This is the final year of his rookie deal. Cleveland is around $50 million under the cap.

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