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Broulis Beat Report: A look at each NFL division and how strong they are By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- Believe it or not, the NFL grind is not too far away. Kicking things off from Canton, Ohio will be the Hall of Fame game from Tom Benson Hall of Fame stadium. This year, I will be doing my usual predictions, but right now, I want to let you know how strong I think each division is within the NFL.

AFC East: This division has possibly the best team in the entire NFL in it with New England, but after that, you’ve got the Dolphins, Bills and Jets. The New York Jets might be worse than Cleveland and the Bills and Dolphins can’t seem to figure out how to take the next step forward. Both teams are caught in what I call, a holding pattern. Do they go into a rebuild mode soon, or can they figure out how to put enough together to make a strong push for the wild card? The AFC East is terrible.

AFC South: This division is a bit tougher. Tennessee should be dangerous this year as should Houston. After that, we have no idea what the Colts will do and Jacksonville has been a huge disappointment to me the last few seasons. The AFC South is an ok division, but it could be better if the Colts and/or Jacksonville step up this year.

AFC North: Pittsburgh has one of the top offenses in the NFL, it’s a matter of their defense catching up. The Steelers are the best team in this division, but Baltimore isn’t far behind. Unfortunately, I think there is going to be a big drop this year with both the Bengals and Browns. This AFC North division is top heavy, unless Cincinnati or Cleveland can surprise me.

AFC West: This is a tough division. San Diego is the weakest in the group. Oakland is back, but Kansas City and Denver aren’t far behind. This is definitely one of the best divisions, if not the best division, in the NFL.


The NFL has done a good job at creating a level playing field for the most part.

NFC East: This division might be better than the AFC West, but it’s a close call. Dallas, New York, Washington and Philadelphia all look to be tough this year. The NFC East is going to be tough for me to predict this year.

NFC South: Another good NFC division. Carolina looks to rebound, New Orleans looks to be in a holding pattern like Buffalo and Miami, Atlanta has the talent, but will they have a Super Bowl hang over? How about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Yes, they’re going to be good this year. This division should be really good this year.

NFC North: Green Bay and Detroit are the two best teams in this division to me. But, I don’t know what direction Minnesota will go in and Chicago might finish with a top 3 pick in next year’s draft. The North could be a good division, but it could also be a very bad division as well.

NFC West: Another division that could go either way. Seattle should be the favorite, but Arizona will look to rebound from last year’s disappointing season. San Francisco is in a rebuild mode, but they’re headed in the right direction in my opinion. The Rams are still rebuilding as well but I still think they need a lot of help. This division isn’t as strong as it once used to be. I see Arizona as the Seahawks only real threat to this division. At the end of the day, it’s not a horrible division, but it leaves much to be desired.


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