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Broulis Beat Report: A good Browns offensive game goes for not By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- Despite their best game of the season, Cleveland still couldn’t get it done in Detroit.


I’m sitting there watching what happened on, what shouldn’t have been the final play of the 1st half, and I kept thinking to myself “What the heck just happened?”

I refused to believe that Hue Jackson called for a QB sneak at the 2 or 3-yard line. I realize that Jackson hasn’t made some of the best decisions. Some of those are, in my opinion, because of the front office. Just look at the Kenny Britt situation.

Also, you could tell, based on Jackson’s reaction, that the call wasn’t for a QB sneak. Kizer flat out changed the play and tried to outsmart the defense. Bad idea on every level.

Getting back to Hue Jackson. Why was the original play call a running play? Keep in mind, the Browns have no timeouts at this point. Duke Johnson would’ve had to score or Cleveland comes away with nothing, which is actually what happened eventually.

A lot of people were upset about the Detroit defenders laying on the ground, taking their time to give get up, which in return, didn’t allow Cleveland to get their players up and in place to stop the clock. I, for one, think the Browns put themselves into that situation. If they would have tried 3 passing plays, two at the least, they would’ve never had to worry about all that.

By the way, defensive players are taught what you seen on the field and there is no rule saying any player has to get up ASAP. Could the refs have realized that the Lions players were purposely trying to keep Cleveland from running another play or stopping the clock? Maybe. Just like when a player lays down faking an injury just to slow down the other team’s offense. Again, if Cleveland would have called for three passing plays, they avoid the whole situation entirely. Yet another Browns failure.

The defense did not play well. In fact, this was one of the few games where the offense outshined the defense. The defense showed up in the first quarter. After that, they lost handle of the game.


DeShone Kizer and the offense had the best game of their season.

Kizer made some nice throws, including a nice sideline pass to Sammy Coates.

How about Kenny Britt scoring a touchdown? I still want him off this team.

Seth DeValve had a good day, but had a costly fumble.

After the disaster that was the end of the 1st half, Cleveland, to their credit, came out and scored on their first drive of the 2nd half. The Browns then scored again on their second drive. After that, Detroit took over.


Cleveland is the only winless team in the NFL and this was a wild game for the most part. If the defense would’ve played in the second, third and fourth quarter like they did in the first, Cleveland might have won this game. Kizer had his best game as a pro. Here’s my question. Will the Browns be able to take this game plan and build off of it? Or will they come back home and embarrass the fans at home, yet again, and allow Jacksonville to keep rolling.


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