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Boxing Fans have Every Right to be Angry over Pacquiao’s Failure to Disclose Injury

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The fight boxing fans wanted to see has come and gone, but not without controversy. Yesterday, there were many lawsuits filed against Manny Pacquiao and his promoters for failing to disclose his shoulder injury prior to people purchasing tickets or the pay-per-view event in his fight against Floyd Mayweather.manny-pacquiao

While Pacquiao put up a valiant effort in his loss to Mayweather by unanimous decision, the fact he lied on the pre-fight form about having an injury to his shoulders, elbows or hands that needed an evaluation or examination. A photo of the signed questionnaire is scrolling the internet.

I have no doubt in my mind numerous people will get something in return for one of the many lawsuits filed. Paul Mahoney, who is from California, ordered the fight on pay-per-view for $99.95 and said that Pacquiao’s failure to disclose his shoulder injury turned the Fight of the Century into the “Sleight Of The Century.”

A line from the suit states the following.

“Pacquiao’s injury unquestionably materially, significantly and negatively affected the quality of the product.”

Absolutely. That line demonstrates that Pacquiao not disclosing the injury impacted the fight in many ways. First, maybe Pacquiao would have won the fight if he had been at full health. Those who purchased tickets to watch in person or on pay-per-view were cheated and did not get their money’s worth. This leads to the second point which looks at gambling. How many people bet on Pacquiao not knowing he was injured? Bookies also lost money for those who bet the fight to go the distance. Maybe Pacquiao knocks out Mayweather and hands him his first career loss if he wasn’t fighting at 60% as he estimated after the fight.

Regardless, fighters will learn from Pacquiao not being truthful on his questionnaire. This case will make it to court and Pacquiao should be forced to give up the 70 million he was estimated to be given after ticket sales and final pay-per-view numbers are released. Pacquiao already received 50 million after the fight that is guaranteed and does not include the 70 million.

And that’s as I see it!

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