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2016 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

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Its mock season and it’s time to get ours heard. I usually like to wait until the combine is over for mock 1.0 so here we go. NFL Free Agency is underway which can affect some things, but more than not free agency really doesn’t have an impact on the draft. Enough with my intro and onto mock 1.0!!!

1.Titans- Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss

I don’t think this is much of a surprise so far if you have seen mocks on other sites. This pick just makes too much sense, especially with taking your franchise QB last year. Marcus Mariota showed that he can straight up ball in this league, and if you want him around for a long time you need to protect him. Tunsil is the best LT in the draft and now the Titans can get their franchise cornerstones complete with Mariota and Tunsil. Also trading for Demarco Murray only makes it more important to beef up that front line.

2. Browns- Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State.

If Hue Jackson wants to actually win in Cleveland then a QB needs to be their pick here. I don’t buy the whole we don’t need to pick one here, we can get better at the position later in the draft or through free agency. NO, NO, NO!!! While I do believe that Jared Goff has the best chance to play day 1, Wentz has boatloads of upside. The rebuilding process will take time in Cleveland, but having such a talent in Wentz being the start of it, is very promising.

3. Chargers- Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State

The love seems to be fading on Bosa pretty quickly. Once known as a lock to go #1 seems to be sliding in other mock drafts. Now, of course that means shit because almost 97% of these things are our gut feelings on what this team will do. I just can’t see the Chargers passing on a kid with his talent. He can play all over the line if you need him to, he could be the most complete player in this class. The guy is a monster that can do it all for you up front and a guy that fills a big need for the rebuilding Chargers.
4. Cowboys- Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

The Cowboys need a lot of help on defense and they need a future replacement for Tony Romo, but defense it is. The Boys are in a great spot here because they have so many things, and because the guys that are left. I ended up taking Jack over Jalen Ramsey and DeForest Buckner. If Jack didn’t get hurt at UCLA this wouldn’t even be a question, but I’m taking a shot on him even before he runs at his pro day. Myles Jack is built for this new pass happy NFL, with easily being the best cover backer in this draft. It also helps that he can get after the QB with his combination of power and speed. As long as he shows that he is fully recovered this is a homerun pick for a defense in need of some leaders and playmakers.

5. Jaguars- Jalen Ramsey, DB, FSU

Talking about talented kids, Ramsey might have the most in this class. The one glaring issue with him, is where to play him? Is he a corner or safety? Good thing the Jags need both positions filled, so when they take him Gus Bradley can figure it out. Buckner would be another solid choice here, but remember that they are getting Dante Fowler Jr. back so it’s not as big of a need than the secondary. Plus they also signed Malik Jackson so that makes that line a lot better.

6. Ravens- Ronnie Stanley, LT, Notre Dame

This might be the easiest pick of them all. The Ravens line struggled mightily last year and it ended up get Mighty Joe Flacco hurt. Stanley is right there with Tunsil but maybe not as much of a sure of a thing as Tunsil, but he is more athletic. He isn’t a sexy pick but a pick that needs to happen if the Ravens want to get back to their winning ways.

7. 49ers- DeForest Buckner, DE, Orgeon

This pick might surprise some people, but I think Chip and staff go best player available. Jared Goff will be intriguing but the Colin Kaepernick situation might get in the way of that. He will be hard to move with all the money, and plus I think Colin would actually flourish with Chip. Even if it doesn’t work out, I could see Chip taking a chance on RGIII as well before taking a QB this high. Plus when you’re in a rebuild situation, taking the best player available is a lot safer than taking a shot on a QB, but when hell has Chip ever been safe? He got shit canned for taking to many risks last time so maybe he will switch it up this time around.

8. Dolphins- Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson

Before trading for Byron Maxwell, I would have had a corner here. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense now since they gave up a pick and paying Maxwell a ton of money. The next need is a pass rusher, especially with the risk of losing Olivier Vernon. That’s where Shaq Lawson fits into this puzzle. Lawson was a monster last year, and could fit very nicely with the rest of that Dolphins d-line. Ah crap! It just be announced on the twitter machine that the Maxwell trade is in limbo because of Maxwell’s shoulder injury. Also Miami just signed Mario Williams, so this pick is might look different at this point, but I’m sticking to it because in this league you can never have too many pass rushers.

9. Buccaneers- Vernon Hargreaves, CB, UF

I have loved this kid since the Under Armor Bowl. He is a true man to man corner that lives on an island. He was compared to Revis when he was a high schooler and just showed that to be true when at Florida. He would lock half the field down and struck fear into opposing QBs. He may be a little small, but boy he showed up at the combine and did everything at a high level. The Bucs tried with Revis once, but maybe they will give Revis 2.0 a try.

10. Giants- Sheldon Rankins, DL, L’Ville

The Giants are definitely pissed that they couldn’t get a DE in this class, but they might have one or two from this loaded DE free agent class. The consolidation prize isn’t too shabby with taking Sheldon. Rankins is a guy that can play on the inside and cause a ton of havoc from there. He has a lot of quickness for a guy his size and he could fit very nicely inside of the Giants 4-3 scheme.

11. Bears- Reggie Ragland, LB, Alabama

The great Bears defenses always had one key, and that’s a thumper of a linebacker. The next guy to have a shot at that should be Ragland. He is a tough kid and a sure tackler. He may be built for the NFL back in those great Bears years, but a leader like him is tough to pass on.

12. Saints- Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State

I was going to put A’Shawn Robinson here, but boy did Brandon Browner struggle last year. He was the worst corner in the league and if you don’t agree just look up his penalties and the yards from that. He was brutal to watch, so a corner here would make sense. Apple is a longer corner than another high upside corner in Mackensie Alexander, which makes him very intriguing. Also there is the fact Apple will play against the Falcons twice a year, so there is his motivation right there.

13. Eagles- Jack Conklin, OT, MSU

The Eagles are already blowing up the Chip mistakes, besides Sam Bradford. I think the Eagles go safe in this pick and Jack is a plug and play guy. He can start for this team Day 1 either on the left or right side.

14. Raiders-Mackensie Alexander, CB, Clemson

The Raiders have a solid build on offense, but the defense needs some improvements. Mackensie is a lot like Hargreaves in that he is a smaller man to man corner. Unlike Hargreaves’ though is that Alexander didn’t have a pick in his career at Clemson. That concerns some scouts, but they also have to remember a lot of QBs weren’t even testing him.

15. Rams- Jared Goff, QB, CAL

If this falls this way, the new LA Rams would sprint to the podium. Like I said earlier, Goff is probably the most ready QB in this class and he falls to the Rams. The Rams don’t have a lot of weapons on the outside for Goff, but he does have the freak Todd Gurely to help out. The move to LA would be even smoother with Jared Goff leading the way.

16. Lions- Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss

It’s official that Calvin Johnson is retired so time to take his replacement. Treadwell is a bigger wide out than most of this class. He hasn’t run yet, so we will see how he does at his pro day, but it really doesn’t matter to me what he runs. He uses his size more than his speed to get away from a defender. Stafford is a gun slinger so he will need that bigger guy he can heave the ball up to, and I think Laquon would fit very nicely in that role.

17. Falcons- Darron Lee, OLB, Ohio State

The Falcons still need tons of help on defense even after taking Vic Beasley last year. Darron Lee would help that side of the ball right away with his blazing speed, another thing head coach Dan Quinn loves. Beasley and Lee together on the field give the Falcons a whole lot more of team speed.

18. Colts- Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State

The Colts have to address the o-line right? I mean both trenches were pretty bad, but Andrew Luck is your franchise and you must keep him healthy. Decker is another guy like Conklin that can step right in and play from day 1, which will make Luck a happy man.

19. Bills- Robert Nkemdiche, DL, Ole Miss

The talent is there and unquestioned, but the attitude off the field is a problem. It’s prefect for a Rex Ryan lead team because character concerns aren’t big deal to Rex. Nkemdiche could easily be a top 5 pick based off talent, but the whole jumping out of windows while high has dropped him this far. Rex will talk this guy like he is the second coming of Christ, so be prepared.

20. Jets- Ezekiel Elliot, RB, Ohio State

The Jets are in a tough spot in free agency with no money and an aging QB that wants to get paid. Ryan Fitzmagic wants a big contract but is older and like I said the Jets just don’t have the money to spend. That could be a reason to take a QB here, but Lynch is too much of a project to start day 1 so Elliot is the pick. The Jets are also losing all three of their running backs, so a back will be a need. Elliot is a complete running back and should shine in the Jets’ offense.

21. Redskins- A’Shawn Robinson, DL, Alabama

Washington has been trying to get tougher on both sides of the ball, and I don’t know if there is a tougher or scary guy in this draft than A’Shawn. I don’t know how he just left early from college because he looks like a grown ass 32 year old. Robinson is a load and will plug holes on that defense, and cause havoc in that backfield.

22. Texans- Josh Doctson, WR, TCU

DeAndre Hopkins is an absolute stud, but he needs some help out there. The difference between Doctson and guys like Will Fuller, Corey Coleman is that he is a bigger receiver. Hopkins is a complete receiver that can do it all so a home run hitter isn’t that much of a need, so they go with the bigger wide out that can go get any ball.

23. Vikings- Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame

Will Fuller is a big-time play waiting to happen. He has elite speed as he showed with his 4.32 40 at the combine. The Vikings have a good one is Diggs but could use another guy. They tried with Mike Wallace last year and it failed, but Will Fuller might be the answer for Teddy “Two-Gloves”.

24. Bengals- Leonard Floyd, OLB/DE, UGA

Floyd is a tweener that has big upside and safer than Noah Spence with his off the field issues. Floyd is a big lengthy player that has very good speed. He wasn’t very productive at Georgia, which scares me a bit, but the talent is too much to pass on for the Bengals.

25. Steelers- Kendall Fuller, CB, Va Tech

Fuller would be higher on this mock if he didn’t get hurt at Va Tech. Fuller like his brother on the Bears is a bigger corner that has great instincts. The Steelers don’t need any help at scoring but definitely could use Fuller in stop teams for throwing all over them.

26. Seahawks- Noah Spence, OLB/DE, Eastern Kentucky

This pick just makes too much sense. Spence has off the field issues but tons of talent. The Seahawks seem to do just fine with guys that have character issues but are extremely talented. The Seahawks also need to get younger on the d-line, so this is their guy.

27. Packers- Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor

Billings is a big ole boy weighing at 315 pounds. He is a great run stuffer but also has the quickness to get some pressure on the QB. BJ Raji is starting to get up there in the middle so why not get him some protection with Billings, and Billings can also learn the ways of the big men.

28. Chiefs- William Jackson III, CB Houston

The kid flat-out shined at the combine and has many teams intrigued. He has good size for the position and put that with his speed he could be a real great get down here. I know the Chiefs took Marcus Peters last year in the 1st round, but look how well he turned out, so why not do it again at a vital position. Also Sean Smith doesn’t seem to be on his way back to KC, so there is an opening.

29. Cardinals- Emmanuel Ogbah, OLB/DE, OK State

This was a tough choice between Ogbah and Kevin Dodd the DE out of Clemson, but I’m going with Ogbah. He fits better with what the Cards are looking for and his name is awesome to say. Dwight Freeney was a huge player for the Cards, and Ogbah with the right development can be that type of player. His physical tools are off the charts, so the potential is there.

30. Panthers- Vonn Bell, S, Ohio State

Bell is a ball hawking safety that the Panthers have been missing. They don’t have many weaknesses but if you had to say one it would be those safeties. Bell is the best in this class at coverage skills by a safety not named Ramsey. He would fit perfect in that secondary alongside another ball hawk in Lake Norman.

31. Broncos- Jarran Reed, DL, Alabama

The Broncos lost Malik Jackson to the Jags for 42 million dollars guaranteed, so yea they could use some trench help. Reed fits the bill perfectly as he is a big-time run stuffer. The Broncos have the horses to get after the QB, and now could bolster their run support with this pick.

Well that does it for Mock 1.0. Let me know what you thought and if you had any differences. I hope you enjoyed the Mock and if you didn’t then you will just have to be patient until Mock 2.0 comes out!

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : George

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