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Who has the upper hand?

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In the past few days, Mercedes’s rivals were celebrating a victory. A victory that it is giving them the ability to improve their engine during the season. So I am wondering, should they be happy with that change or not? One of Mercedes’s main rival Ferrari managed to find a loophole, with Renault’s and Red Bull’s help, on the rules, which gave them the opportunity to improve their engine with 32 extra tokens during the season. This action forced FIA to reconsider their rules and also consider to allow Honda to improve their engine as well, even if the rules where saying only the teams that took part to the previous season, were able to make changes on their initial engine plans, but a decision like this was unfair for the Honda-McLaren, hence they forced FIA to give them the right to develop their engine as well.

Sebastian Vettel Red BullOn November Christian Horner mentioned: “need to provide a window to introduce competition.” Red Bull’s team principal believed that his team could reduce the gap with Mercedes, by developing their engine. To remind you that Red Bull finished 2nd in the Constructors’ Championship. Whilst, Honda demanded to be equal with the other teams, and be able to improve their engine through the 2015 season. They managed to get a huge victory and force FIA to a U-turn to their regulations. “There is a will to be fair and equitable,” McLaren boss Eric Boullier said. After the decision was made all the teams received a letter, according to Reuters, “As each of the four 2015 manufacturers will have an homologated power unit at the start of the season, we believe it would be fair to ensure that each of them enjoys equal opportunities for upgrades during the season.”. Which mean that McLaren-Honda will be able to develop their engine as they asked.

motor_mclarenHence, I am wondering, if the decision that FIA made, or the loophole, if you prefer, that Ferrari, Renault, Red Bull tried to take advantage of, will help to see a better season. I doubt that. My main reason for that is that Mercedes will be able to develop their engine as well. They will have the time that they were looking for. They already are seconds ahead from the other teams, which was clear from the previous year, so now they can take advantage of this change to lift the performance of its power unit. Mercedes engine chief Andy Cowell said last year: “None of us will make changes to make the car worse”. Every change that will be made will be to help

784727467-64681052014-CustomLewis and Nico to be stronger and quicker.  “In reality very little has changed” Williams technical director Pat Symonds told, and I will strongly agree with his comments. It may do the things worst. But we all hope to a see a better season, a more interesting season, and not just a season that will finish before the summer, because teams will not be able to challenge Mercedes.



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