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What is Adrian Peterson Doing?

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To start, I want everyone to take the time to watch the video to remember how good Adrian Peterson actually is.

This is not an article on bashing Adrian Peterson, or it’s not meant to be at least. I have been a Vikings fan since the day I was born, and will be regardless of what happens with Adrian Peterson. For the past 8 season, he has been the face of the organization and loved by Vikings fans everywhere.  We all know about what happened last season with him, and the organization.  As a Vikings fan wearing my purple tinted glasses, it is hard to stay unbiased throughout all of this. My emotions are all over the place regarding what I want the organization to do, so I am just going to go on a little bit of a rant on what is really bugging me.

  1. The thing that ticks me off more than anything regarding this situation is how Adrian, his wife, and agent say they were disrespected by the people in Minnesota. He needs to realize that playing in the NFL is a privilege, and it’s also a business. They make money by having sponsors. These companies were pulling their major sponsorships with the Vikings because the Vikings originally backed Adrian Peterson! Once they started leaving, the Vikings had no choice to do what they did, and every single team in the NFL would have done the exact same thing.
  2. We keep hearing that our coaches, players, owners and GM are all behind him and have supported him from Day 1. There are a few people in upper management that have apparently said they don’t support him or whatever that deal is. I don’t get what the big deal is, because EVERYONE he will ever be in contact with on the Vikings, love him! How many players can say from upper management to the ball boys, that everyone loves him? 
  3. I feel, along with many others i’ve spoken with, is that he is using this situation with the 1-2 upper management suits to try get out of Minnesota. I understand you want to win a championship, and probably won’t this year or maybe next, but there is some real young talent on this team along with a great coaching staff! If you didn’t want to be with the Vikings, you should have left before they gave you $100 Million! Honor your contract. 
  4. YOU SCREWED UP!! Deal with it and the consequences of your actions. Take ownership of what you’ve done. 
  5. Lately we have learned that he wants a majority of his remaining 3 years $47 Million contract guaranteed, and that will make him want to stay. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Why do you think you have any bargaining power or right to make any demands at this time? You are under contract! “We” already made you the highest paid running back in the history of the game! You are a 30 year old running back, who is getting paid about $6 million more than ANY other RB in the entire league. I understand he is the best in the NFL, but thats an absurd amount for any player, let along a 30 year old RB. 

What the Vikings should do?

  1. A small part of me wants the Vikings to just keep him and sit his tail on the bench for the remainder of his contract! This would be a horrible business decision, I understand that, but the way he is acting like he has any bargaining power baffles me. 
  2. Make him play! He is still a top tier RB in the league and with a young up and coming QB in Bridgewater, having an elite RB will be great for him. Having him play, it changes the way defenses line up and play the Vikings. 
  3. Ship him to Oakland. It has been rumored that a number of teams are obviously interested in AP: Dallas, Arizona, Tampa Bay, Oakland, etc. If he is going to act like this, I would ship him off to Oakland and take whatever deal they give us. They would probably be dumb enough to give us their 1st round pick, and the way they draft, it would probably be a smart move for them to be honest.
  4. Take the best deal possible, whatever that may be. It has also been rumored that the asking price is a starting CB and a 1st round pick. I don’t think that will ever happen, but it would be nice to get a starting DB (CB or Safety) and a 2nd rounder.  This would also open up a lot of cap room for us to lock up some of our young talent that we do have on the roster.

So what do I want? I have no idea. I’m to the point where if he says anything else, ship him off. If he decides to play for the Vikings, we better not hear any rumblings of him being an issue in the locker room. These players and coaches have supported him since the start, and its time for him to suck it up and stop acting like a drama queen giving demands that you can’t make. 

So, What do you think? Comment below on your thoughts! I’d love to discuss this with you.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Caleb Boone

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