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The Broulis Beat Report: The Browns And Their Coaching Candidates

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The Broulis Beat Report wants to talk about the coaching candidates and who I would like to see possibly get the job, and who I am not in favor of.

 This list is in no particular order either, so just because I put him first, that isn’t because I prefer him more so than other candidates.

LINCOLN RILEY- The chemistry that Riley had with Browns QB Baker Mayfield, while at Oklahoma was obvious. I think Riley would give this offense a big boost and some much-needed creativity, especially with the players like Nick Chubb, Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham Jr. and Kareem Hunt.

I’m not too sure about what kind of input he would have on the defensive side of the ball.

I don’t see Lincoln Riley being a good fit for a couple reasons. First, he’s never been a head coach at the NFL level. Being a head coach in college is different than the pros. Second, would all the players respect Riley? Either way, I just don’t see this as a serious possibility. It’s possible that Riley could be successful in the NFL, but Cleveland needs a safer option. One that has a proven track record.

Josh McDaniels- From Barberton, Ohio and a graduate of Canton Mckinley high school. McDaniels also graduated from John Carroll. The local roots are there in just about every aspect. Josh has been mainly involved with the New England Patriots, with a stop in Denver that didn’t go as well as planned. McDaniels eventually returned to the Patriots as their offensive coordinator and quarterbacks’ coach.

On one hand, I’m tired of hiring coordinators to see if they’re ready to handle the head coaching duties. However, he did have some experience as a head coach with the Broncos. Again, it didn’t go well, but a lot of time has passed since that experience and maybe now, he has learned from his mistakes and can handle being the next Cleveland Browns head coach.

If McDaniels is hired, it may come with a cost in the form of Browns GM John Dorsey being let go. Why? Because from the reports I’ve heard, McDaniels would want to have a lot of power and the right to bring in his own general manager and all new coaching staff. So, Browns fans, is Josh worth that? Are you willing to give up all that?

I’ll put it this way. Josh has a limited amount of head coaching experience, but I’m not too thrilled with the idea of letting go of Dorsey, the rest of the staff and Lord only knows how many players he’d want to trade.

I could see Josh McDaniels being hired. I wouldn’t be shocked if Cleveland gives him a chance. It doesn’t hurt that he’s been apart of an organization that has won six NFL titles. And it’s not like he’s played a small role like second assistant of quality control manager or second assistant to the running backs coach.

URBAN MEYER- A legend in Ohio and a native of Toledo, Ohio. Meyer has been a winner at every level and every stop in his coaching career. Urban won two national titles at the University of Florida and then back home at Ohio State.

Meyer would definitely give the Browns a spark on offense and maybe even on defense, but I’m not sure his spread offense would work with Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. Although, I think Meyer would use both Nick Chubb and Kareem much better than Kitchens ever did.

Again, another candidate with no head coaching experience at the NFL level. But that’s not my only concern. Urban Meyer was forced into retirement due to health reasons. Coaching became too stressful for Meyer. That stress doesn’t become any easier at the NFL level. If anything, there’s more.

If I did have faith in one candidate with no head coaching experience at the professional level, it would be Meyer. I do think he would demand respect and bring discipline to the team, but I don’t see this happening. In fact, I would be shocked if Cleveland hires Urban. Urban, like Lincoln Riley, may be a good coach in the NFL one day, but the Browns need a safer option.

Mike McCarthy- The former long time Green Bay Packers head coach has plenty of head coaching experience. McCarthy has also won a title. I also think he can handle and help Baker Mayfield. McCarthy brings leadership, discipline and a winning track record with him.

I’m not sure how things would work out between McCarthy and Dorsey. I would hope they can coexist. If they can work together, this Browns team could become something special. I also like that Mike took a year off, so he could come back fresh.

As I just mentioned, I don’t think Rivera will be available, so I think McCarthy would be the next best thing. I would like this hire.


There are more candidates such as San Francisco defensive coordinator Robert Saleh and Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Out of those two, I could see Roman as a possibility, but I doubt it.

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