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Preparing for the Fantasy Football Playoffs

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Being nervous every Sunday morning about your flex position and trying to master the waiver wire is difficult. These are some players and moves to think about and apply to your team, so moving into the playoffs you are ready to dominate.


Players to be a little scared of and that you might want to have a backup plan for are Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski. Both players are absolute animals and when on the field, the top of the rankings in their positions. Gronk has a history of getting injured and plays every play like it’s his last, with his heart on his sleeve. Almost every play though, you feel a little scared that he might not get up, especially since safety’s continue to try and take out his knees.

Beast mode

Beast mode is unstoppable and his unwillingness to talk to media does not affect his performance on the field, but his usage and permanence on the injury report does. What can Seattle do besides run the ball? Nothing and its all on Lynches back. He is only 28 but it seems like he has been in the league longer and has all the playoffs miles. Even if Seattle loses this week to the Cardinals and basically gets knocked out of the playoffs, this is an audition for next year, because Lynch is unlikely to remain in Seattle. If these two remain healthy though, they can be the player who leads your team to a championship.

Olivia Munn, Aaron Rodgers

The red-hot Aaron Rogers and Packers had an easy victory over the flaunted Mark Sanchez led Eagles. These two QB’s don’t belong in the same sentence, but sometimes, just for introduction purposes, it is permissible. Rogers was lethal on Sunday and is ready to continue his dominance and possible win another MVP. All the Packers are hot; Randall Cobb is becoming an every down receiver who can break tackles. It feels like defenses forget that Jordy Nelson goes deep every opening drive for the Packers. But if somehow the Vikings and teams going forward figure that out, it will still be very challenging to stop Nelson and the Green bay offense.


The importance of defenses is starting to matter much more now and roostering more than one today, is not ludicrous. The Eagles and Packers have great matchups this week but tough matchups going forward until most playoffs start in two weeks. The Rams, Colts and Browns all have tough matchups this week and their un-trustable after a terrible week 11s. Going forward into the fantasy football playoffs though, their matchups are very favorable. Defenses can get you a lot of points and all the byes are over with after this week. It might be time to start hoarding some good defenses so you can play their matchups and not have to worry about waiting for the waivers to clear.

Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon is back and going to go bonkers after his unfair punishment. Last year in his first game back he put up the ridiculous line of, 10 receptions 146 yards and a TD. While the Browns have been incredible run heavy and winning games doing it, they need that extra punch for a chance to win the AFC North. Nate Burleson told NFL total access that Gordon is excited to be back.

“ I’m going to outwork everybody on the field, ‘I’m going to try to evoke a pride in Cleveland that can hopefully lead us to the playoffs.” Burleson said Gordon divulged to him.

Matt Ryan

If you still have Matt Ryan on your team, sucks to be you. You have had a rough season, especially if you paired him with Julio Jones who hasn’t caught a Td since week three. Ryan is a nice guy, who is overpaid but should at least perform at the same rate as fellow overpaid QBs Cutler and Rivers, both have more than ten more points more than Ryan this year. Also he is within 4 points of Eli Manning who threw 5 interceptions on Sunday. Eli can do that because he has two super bowl rings and is fantasy irrelevant. Ryan is hot garbage and has a brutal schedule coming up, stay away from him like a young girl should when around Bill Cosby.

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