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NASCAR Feud: Kasey Kahne vs Danica Patrick

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Welcome to the 2016 edition of the NASCAR Feud. Good luck to Steve Harvey trying to help settle this one with 100 people surveyed. In actuality, there are two editions that came out of the Auto Club 400 in Fontana. This was the first to occur so I will go in consecutive order and save the next one for later on this week.

The first NASCAR Feud involves Danica Patrick and Kasey Kahne. The incident began where Kahne was in 38th one lap down, and Danica on the lead lap in 28th. It was on lap 121 when it appeared that Danica was about to get in front of Kahne, but was somehow clipped from behind and slammed into the wall knocking her out of the race.

After Danica stepped out of her car, she walked up the track to acknowledge Kahne on how displeased she was about the incident, which is a no-no. By rule, you are not allowed to approach the track for any reason, which could result in a fine. Danica voiced her frustration to the media claiming Kahne was also frustrated since he was a lap down.

Kahne surely had no intentions of wrecking Danica, as he explained he tried to get a draft off of her to try to get back on the lead lap. Kahne’s chief and others were called into the garage afterwards, as he took responsibility for what happened. Everything appeared to be split second decisions made at the wrong time.

Neither driver has recorded a win this season. As far as points is concerned, Kahne is 18th in points with one top 10 finish, and Danica in 29th with a best finish of 19th at Phoenix. Both are no doubt struggling heading into the off week. But as I said before, this isn’t the only feud from Fontana to look out for.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Bryan Law

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