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LeBron’s Prime

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Lebron Nike closeup For the last decade the King has been the best player in the basketball. Has he gone into some decline though? Or is he still the King and starting slow in back at home? This would be understandable; we all understand all the distractions being in ones hometown brings. Or is he just starting new chapter in his game like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant did with their lethal jump shot?

michael-jordan-kobe-bryant LeBron will never have the killer jump shot like Jordan or Kobe but he does have the skills to be a great distributor. He can knock down jump shots as well, he has proven it over and over again but his strengths are in his ability to facilitate. Jordan and Kobe always wanted to take the last shot but LeBron will pass the ball. If he continues to pass the ball and run the floor, he will be fine if he cannot jump out of the gym. A 6’8’’ point guard is unstoppable and while he is losing some of his jumping capacity he is still very strong and incredible smart with the ball in his hands.

Father time is undefeated and the timetable shows that most players have there best year when they are 27 years old. Maybe that was LeBrons best year talent wise but he is just getting smarter. Players like Jason Kidd and Steve Nash played there best years in there early thirties, they did this by relying on their minds.

The King is not old, yes he is losing some of his natural talent but he is getting much, much smarter. He is not the same player he was the first time around with the Cavs. They have a different coach, it will not just be “hero-ball” like it was with Mike Brown, where they just spread the floor and put LeBron in isolation. Ball movement and running on the fast break are things David Blatt, Cleveland’s new coach has specified that they need to work on. LeBron has learned to trust his teammates and will trust these new ones in Cleveland soon.

Kyrie,Love and James This week will begin the return of the King to his glory. This week he dropped a triple double already and similar numbers like these are expected to continue with the Celtics and Hawks coming up. The scoring is going to go down but rebounds and assists are going to go up this year for the King.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Chin

0 Responses to LeBron’s Prime

  1. Profile photo of Kaan Gencer

    Kaan Gencer

    November 13, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    I think it has been very interesting this season thus far that we have not seen LeBron just bulldoze over people to get to the hole like in the past. With his weight loss hes done more bouncing off of players and taking some harder shots. I dont know if thats because hes lost a little power, or hes just playing smart and realizing that getting pounded means a shortened career. I think your right he is a much smarter player now, and he realizes that with this young team that is super talented he doesnt have to be superman. He can set his guys up for success and on the off chance that he needs to take over, he puts the car in 5th gear and shows his arsenal. I like how he is playing this season. I dont think it will win him an MVP, but i might just win him a Championship.

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