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Kobe Inc.

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Kobe incIn the dawn of one of one of the greatest basketball careers the world has ever seen, Kobe Bryant is already started moving on. He has started his own business, Kobe Inc. and it has been reported that when he is not playing basketball, he is working on building his business.
“We want to own and help grow brands and ideas that challenge and redefine the sports industry while inspiring,” said Bryant as part of his mission statement. “If it doesn’t have the limbs of the sports industry, which I understand extremely well, then I probably won’t touch it.”

While this is all very exciting, we know Kobe is a true competitor and unlike Derrick Rose does not sit out games so he can sit comfortable at his sons graduation. What is Kobe going to do with these next two seasons? How can he remain on this abysmal Lakers team? Kobe likes to score, but he needs to win, its in his DNA. He can look to the future but he still has to play in these games.

kobe angry There is no hope for the Lakers, they are in the deep Western Conference and have no pieces to trade except Bryant who has an enormous contract over the next two years. The only destination, which is conceivable, is New York.

Uprooting his family of course would be difficult and starting Kobe Inc. he would have to take a different approach in New York. But it is New York, where Kobe Inc. can grow and broaden faster than in Los Angele.s Also it would only be for the next two years of not being with his family constantly and Kobe can get back and forth fairly easy, maybe catch some rides with the Zen Master.

Lakers Arrive At LAX New York is the new home of the triangle offense, which Kobe used to win five championships and definitely understand how to run. He would be reuniting with longtime friend and sparring partner Derek Fisher and of course is old Coach Phil Jackson.

NBA Finals Game 5: Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic Knicks fans start drooling with their imagination of Carmelo and Kobe Playing together. Even though there is only one ball, there is still a whole game and both players have played well together in USA basketball and have respect for each other. It could work wonders in New York, and while Kobe has said he bleeds purple and gold and lives for Los Angeles, New York City has to be enticing.

kobe and meloHow could the trade work? The Knicks could send the expiring contract of Amar’e Stoudemire and package Iman Shumpert and J.R Smith or Tim Hardaway Jr. This gives the Lakers a lot of cap space next summer and the ability to rebuild.

The Lakers are going nowhere this year and while Kobe seems content to take 50 shots a game, in a couple months he is going to be angry and tired of losing. Because in Los Angeles if you’re not relevant your nothing, trading Kobe scares Lakers management. Nonetheless they would have a better chance to possibly get Russel Westbrook and Kevin Love (UCLA Teamates) or the plethora of other great free agents next summer because they would have the cap space.

Is it possible, yes but likely no. Kobe wants to retire for the Lakers and do something Michael Jordan didn’t and play his career for one organization, and not just any organization one of the greatest. Just this is Kobe Bryant and how much losing can he deal with, before his head explodes. If he left it wouldn’t tarnish his reputation at all, there will still be a Kobe statue outside the Staples Center and his jersey will hang in the rafters. New York City though and the Garden is a glorious way to ride into the sunset though.

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0 Responses to Kobe Inc.

  1. Profile photo of Caleb Boone

    Caleb Boone

    November 18, 2014 at 9:32 pm

    Very nice article Nick! I personally don’t think Kobe will leave LA no matter what. I see what you are saying, but even if he does go to the Knicks, they aren’t winning a championship either in the near future. Unfortunately, Kobe doesn’t really have much choice but to go out like this, shooting 30 shots a game and losing by 15. Their hands are tied until his contract runs out.

  2. Profile photo of nick chin

    nick chin

    November 18, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    Thanks for the input Caleb, I agree, Kobe will leave L.A when Shaq comes out of retirement. This was more of Knicks fans wet dream.

  3. Profile photo of Berk Gencer

    Berk Gencer

    November 19, 2014 at 3:27 am

    It sucks he went through all that rehab to end up having to endure this crap. One man doesn’t make a team. I do want to see Kobe in the playoffs again before he retires so I hope something can happen to make that a reality.

  4. Profile photo of Chris Colvin

    Chris Colvin

    November 19, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    hey nick great article and i as a laker fan i dont think kobe will ever leave LA due to the fact that even when he was unhappy he forced management to fix things up by demanding trades. it sucks that we dont have any scorers besides kobe (hopefully swaggy p will cut his shots down) Kobe will retire on a crappy lakers in 2 years with no one to take the torch

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