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Is Adam Johnson guilty of a terrible crime? Or is he the victim?

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Should Adam Johnson’s footballing career suffer after the claims that he had sexual relations with a 14 year old girl? 

england johnsonJohnson is an England international.
Firstly I will start by saying I apologise if I offend anyone. I do not condone older men/ women having sexual relations with underaged partners. It is neither morally or socially correct and in today’s society it should be frowned upon. 
In saying this however; I believe that the situation that Adam Johnson is currently in is incredibly unfortunate and I feel very sorry for him. The manner in which the media has reported the incident has been very unfair in my eyes and has left a very sour taste in my mouth.
Firstly, the actual reports are that Adam Johnson, a Premier League player and consistent Sunderland starter had sexual relations with a 14 year old girl sometime last year. Johnson himself is 27 and therefore can be legally punished for having sexual relations with someone under the age of 16. However the question is: did Johnson know the girl was under the age of 16? My opinion is that Johnson had no idea that the girl was under 16 and my presumptions are that Johnson thought the girl was 18-20. Of course I am making presumptions here but Johnson allegedly met the girl in a nightclub, one which you must be 18 to enter. My question is now; is Johnson guilty of a crime? Or is he the victim of a malicious crime? The truth I am sure will be revealed to the public in the coming weeks but I will fully support Johnson until an investigation either finds him guilty or clears his name. At the meantime Johnson’s career is suffering due to the allegations, with him being dropped from the Sunderland squad for this weekends game
7b3a7579150b2a1227c1c15100a6c8be_largeJohnson in action for current club Sunderland.
Another problem i have with this story is how the media reported it to the world. The media can be a pernicious establishment as many people know, but with their reports on this story, I feel have been incredibly rude and biased against Johnson. Every single report I have read has written that it is currently a claim against Johnson, which is correct. However every report has gave the reader the clear impression that Johnson is guilty and a horrible man. Each article I have read has been incredibly biased against Johnson and is truly assassinating his character to the general public. Not only this though; every single report I have read has mentioned the fact that Johnson owns a gun and it was in his house loaded. I struggle to find what relevance Johnson legally owning a gun has with the claims of him having sexual relations with an underage girl. The media are mentioning this each time to portray that Johnson is guilty and is a gun wielding ‘sick individual’. I refuse to believe Johnson used his registered gun for anything other than shooting/ hunting trips as a pastime. 
After writing this, I know that I am clearly making presumptions as the media have similarly done, but I feel at the same time I am showing another side to the story which many media outlets have rejected; in the pursuit of selling a story. I would be very interested and keen to hear your opinion on this matter in the comments as I think it is a story which splits many peoples opinions. 

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