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Football Talk, Period! This One’s Dedicated to the Seattle Seahawks

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I discuss Seattle’s upcoming season, & how to beat the Patriots. All this since ESPN talked about the Patriots & Tom Brady all day long on their NFL program portion. Here is part of Pro Football Talk with Sir Colum is thinking.

This will lead some to have a good idea of what I might write about. I am not competing with writers here. I just want to stay in updated with everybody else, & try not to write in tangents.

I do write sports, but I only write the good stuff when it comes to football, NFL in particular for some reason. Just watching really close on my TV maybe?

Update 7:54 Florida Tme – “I didn’t talk about how Seattle has 5 Primetime Monday Night Games!” I copied & pasted that comment from myself, & that’s a rap, or whatever.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Chris Colum

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