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Chicago Bears: Could be Players in Brian Hoyer Sweepstakes 2015

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hoyercutlerIts pretty obvious at this point that Jay Cutler’s days in Chicago are numbered. His inconsistency and inability to show up on the big stage has damaged his reputation as a top tier quarterback, and has given a passionate Chicago fan base very little to believe in.  With elite level weapons around him in running back Matt Forte, and vocal, stud wide receiver Brandon Marshal, Cutler does not have any excuse for the offenses lack of production.  2013 and 2014 have not been kind to Cutler as has his touchdown to interception ratio has been very high with 19 TD’s and 12 Interceptions last season and 18 and 10 so far this season.  Cutler has also been very fumble prone this season as he has not been able to take care of the football.  Some blame can be put on his offensive line, but he has been holding onto the football way to much this season with 10 fumbles through week 11.

The Bears will most likely look to make a change at the quarterback position at the end of the season. Likely FA candidates for the job currently on an NFL roster.

1. Brian Hoyer

2. Michael Vick

3. Mark Sanchez

The three quarterbacks mentioned above will all be on the Chicago’s radar for 2015 as all three have gotten starts in 2014 and have had varying levels of success.  Brian Hoyer, however, is a perfect fit for the system they run and the consistency they are looking for.  Both Sanchez and Vick are talented quarterbacks, but both have similar tendencies as Cutler to be overly aggressive and turnover the ball.

Hoyer, in his 9 starts this season  has been the definition of consistency.  He protects the ball, and makes the smart play. With 10 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions he has shown his ability to get rid of the ball quickly and accurately.  Hoyer is a big game player, as well, beating the NO Saints in a nail biter with a game winning drive, as well as bringing the Browns back from a 28-3 deficit to beat the Titans. Hoyer has  flourished with a strong Browns running game this season, and with Matt Forte  in Chicago, he would do the same.  Brian Hoyer has taken a Browns team that has been irrelevant for the better part of a decade, and has them atop a strong AFC North division in week 10 for the first time in 19 years.

The Browns have a big decision to make this season.  Do they pay Hoyer the $100 million type contract he is said to be looking for that Andy Dalton received in Cincinnati or do they let him walk and put all their eggs in the Johnny Football basket?  Only time will tell us what the Browns decide to do, but if Hoyer is available at the end of the season, don’t be surprised if Chicago is the first team knocking on his door.


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