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Broulis Beat Report: Week 1 NFL Review

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CANTON,Ohio- To say it was a crazy first week in the NFL is an understatement. From Oakland, New Orleans all the way to San Diego, Kansas City. What a first week!


Panthers vs Broncos- My pick (Panthers)- Winner (Broncos)- I still think Carolina is the overall better team. A lack of penalties against Denver on Cam Newton and a missed FG had the Broncos getting the win. If they were to play again this week, I’d take Carolina again.

Packers vs Jaguars- My Pick (Jaguars)- Winner (Packers)- I didn’t get a chance to watch this game, but based on the highlights, it was a great game. It did further prove my point that Jacksonville is a good team. How about Aaron Rodgers?

Chargers vs Chiefs- My Pick (Chiefs)- Winner (Chiefs)- San Diego had an amazing first half. But the problem is they must have taken their foot off the gas pedal. Kansas City came out, got the game to OT and won.

Raiders vs Saints- My Pick (Raiders)- Winner (Raiders)- This game went back and forth. Oakland scored on a 2-point conversion and New Orleans missed a 60 yard FG to win it.

Bengals vs Jets- My Pick (Jets)- Winner (Bengals)- Bengals get a one point win on the road.

Vikings vs Titans- My Pick (Vikings)- Winner (Vikings)- For the moment, no Bridgewater, no problem. Keep in mind, Tennessee isn’t a quality team this year.

Bears vs Texans- My Pick (Texans)- Winner (Texans)- Chicago rebuilding and Houston did what they were supposed to do.

Bills vs Ravens- My Pick (Ravens)- Winner (Ravens)- This game was a lot closer than I expected. Pretty sure both teams will play much better next week.

Buccaneers vs Falcons- My Pick (Buccaneers)- Winner (Buccaneers)- I predicted that Winston would have a big year. His 281 passing yards is just the start. This game went as expected.

Dolphins vs Seahawks- My Pick (Seahawks)- Winner (Seahawks)- This game went almost completely opposite of how I thought it would. I figured Seattle would blow Miami out. A late touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin helped Seattle escape with a close win.

Giants vs Cowboys- My Pick (Giants)- Winner (Giants)- If Terrance Williams gets out of bounds, maybe Dallas wins. BUT he didn’t. New York with a big road win.

Lions vs Colts- My Pick (Colts)- Winner (Lions)- Matthew Stafford threw for 340 yards and 3 touchdowns. Can he come close to doing that more often than not throughout the season? If he can, they may surprise some people. Including me.

Patriots vs Cardinals- My Pick (Cardinals)- Winner (Patriots)- A very close game, but New England survives. 

Steelers vs Redskins- My Pick (Steelers)- Winner (Steelers)- I said this game would be over by the end of the third quarter. I was close to right.

Rams vs 49ers- My Pick (Rams)- Winner (49ers)- Well, needless to say I was way off on this pick. San Francisco with a big win over a good team.


Browns vs Eagles- My Pick (Eagles)- Winner (Eagles)- Cleveland loses it’s season opener for the 12th straight year. Unbelievable. The whole game changed after the high snap from center Cam Erving of Cleveland. But let’s get one thing straight. The Browns didn’t do a whole lot good.

So, as you can see, I did do alright, as far as I’m concerned, in my week one predictions. Out of 16 games, I predicted 10 of them right. If I can get 12 games right a week, I consider that a great week.

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