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Broulis Beat Report: Robert Griffin III and Other Browns Issues

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CANTON,Ohio- I never said anything last week that Robert Griffin III is going to come to Cleveland to play. I suggested that the Browns do sign him and here’s why.

The most important thing to remember is that the Cleveland Browns have nothing to lose right now. I don’t think I could find anyone right now that thinks the Browns are going anywhere next year. Though, I will also say I’ve seen stranger things happen in sports.

2. If Griffin didn’t have a history of a knee problem then he’d probably still be in Washington. He had a 102.4 rating as a rookie. Yes, I know he was healthy then but even then his lowest rating is 82.2.

3. RGIII has the size, big arm, some mobility although he needs to learn how and when to slide and most importantly he can read defenses.

4. Cleveland can get him for cheap by NFL standards. Sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal between 5$-$8 million with only around $2 million guaranteed and load it with incentives.

5. If he plays really bad or gets injured then it’s not a big loss because his contract is so little. If he plays well you can sign him to an extension or trade him for draft picks.

To me it’s a low risk high reward situation. Cleveland is not banking on this guy to be the long-term solution at quarterback but why not bring in a QB that is very young and is hungry with something to prove and it won’t break the bank bringing him in?

I also want to add that signing Griffin does not detour me from drafting either Goff or Wentz, I’m a Jared Goff guy but I’d be happy with either, because this would buy them some time to keep him on the bench.

What if Robert gets hurt before the season starts?

That’s a great question. I’m glad you asked. Josh McCown is still here but I think he will be gone before training camp. If McCown is released I would like to see Cleveland sign Ryan FitzPatrick and or Matt Flynn. Also if McCown is still here you could always sign Matt Flynn at a cheap $1 million and stick him on a practice squad.

My point is I still want either Goff or Wentz at #2 and try to make it almost impossible for them to have to play their first year. Cleveland would need 2 or 3 QBs to either be that bad or get injured in order for the rookie to have to play.

The main reason I want the rookie to stay sidelined is actually Two reasons. The first is let him have a chance to learn from the sidelines and ask as many questions as possible.

Second. We won’t have the best offensive line or best weapons for the young gun and having 1 more draft next year will allow Cleveland time to improve both positions. In regards to the offensive line, Cleveland could always go run heavy or design a lot of roll outs plus call more passing plays that have him getting rid of the ball sooner. 3 and 5 step drop passes are what Pittsburgh uses a lot to keep Roethliesberger from getting beat down like he has been in previous years.

For those of you wondering what a 3 step and 5 step drop is let me explain. The quarterback takes 3 or 5 steps back and gets rid of the ball. Now you know if you didn’t.

Cleveland needs to take care of 2 players at some point this year. They need to sign offensive linemen Joel Bitonio and linebacker Christian Kirksey to new deals. Both have played very well especially Kirksey when he received playing time over Craig Robertson.

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