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Broulis Beat Report: RG3 In Cleveland Plus More Draft Thoughts

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CANTON,Ohio- It was made official today that quarterback Rober Griffin III has signed a 2 year contract worth $22 million with $7.5 million guaranteed plus $11 million in incentives.

I, for one, am happy with this move. Yes, I know Griffin is injury prone and its more likely that he will get injured than not. Which is why this contract is a smart contract. The Browns are taking a very low risk but, yes this is a BIG BUTT, if he can stay healthy then he is a very good quarterback.

Griffin has a big arm along with the smarts to read defenses and if it weren’t for his injury problems then he might be a great, yes, great quarterback. Let’s remember Griffin helped lead Washington to a 10-6 record as a rookie then his right knee was injured late that year. He’s obviously never been the same.

I know there are a lot of people that say this is a waste of time but again this is only a 2 year deal and only $7 million is guaranteed. That’s an absolute bargain for someone who has a good skill set and is so young. If he stinks or gets hurt then hes gone. Not a big loss.

The way I look at it is this. If I met someone who has never had a sweet tea from Mcdonalds I’d go there and buy it for $1 buck and if they don’t like it I’m only out $1 dollar and if they do then great. 

That may not be the best example but its the best I could come up with so please bare with me.

I still think the Browns should take Goff at #2 and hopefully he doesn’t have to start and can watch from the sidelines for awhile.

Have I thought about the Browns trading the pick for more picks? Yes, I have but I’m pretty high in Jared Goff although I do like Wentz as well. 

I’d like the Browns to get an offensive linemen after the QB. 

About the offensive line. I know we lost Schwartz and Mack but we still as of today have Thomas at the left tackle spot, Bitonio who has done good at left guard, John Greco who will play either center or right guard and yes, I know he isn’t the best he isn’t the worst. Cam Erving who will play either center or right guard and then Cleveland has Austin Pasztor who will likely take over at right tackle. Pasztor played well when he got a chance last year.

I’m not saying our offensive line will be good but I don’t think it’ll be the worst in the NFL.

Josh Gordon will find out soon if he can come back this year within the next few weeks and yes, another BIG IF, he can be healthy from a mental standpoint and stop making dumb decisions then having him back will help our QB situation.

 Some names to keep in mind for the Browns draft:

Braxton Miller- He isn’t expected to go till late 1st or early second and Cleveland needs play makers.

Taylor Decker OT (Ohio State)- Cleveland needs offensive linemen and Decker would be a starter on the right side.

Jack Conklin-OT (Michigan State)- Yes, another top tier offensive linemen.

Adolphus Washington- DE (Ohio State)- He fits the 3-4 scheme that Ray Horton runs and played well for the Buckeyes.

Jalen Ramsey- CB (Florida State)- He’s very athletic and has the potential to be a great cornerback and the Browns are in need of defensive backs especially with Justin Gilbert not living up to his potential so far. 

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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