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Broulis Beat Report: NFL Week 13 Review

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CANTON,Ohio- Week 13 of the NFL is in the books. Many teams needed wins just to stay in the playoff race. What’s even better? We still have multiple divisions to be had.


Cowboys vs Vikings- (My Pick)-Cowboys- (Winner)-Cowboys- This game was closer than I expected, but Dallas just keeps on winning.


Chiefs vs Falcons- (My Pick)-Falcons- (Winner)- Chiefs- I can thank Chiefs safety Eric Berry for a late game”Pick two” is what they’re calling it. With the loss, Atlanta only has first place in the NFC South over Tampa Bay due to owning the tie breaker.

Lions vs Saints- (My Pick)- Lions- (Winner)- Lions- Wow! I’m sure glad I took Detroit on the road. With this win, the Lions now have a chance at winning the NFC North. Their final four weeks are huge now if they want to win the division.

Rams vs Patriots- (My Pick)- Patriots- (Winner)- Patriots- Aside from getting this pick right, which I figured I would. Please explain to me how and why Rams head coach Jeff Fisher gets an extension on his current contract? I don’t see him being that guy that will lead Los Angeles to the championship.

Broncos vs Jaguars- (My Pick)- Broncos- (Winner)- Broncos- Denver needs to win out to give themselves a spot in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Jacksonville’s season of disappointment continues. Just making an early draft prediction here. Jacksonville will take RB Leonard Fournette if he’s still on the board when it’s their turn.

Texans vs Packers- (My Pick)- Packers- (Winner)- Packers- Unless Green Bay gets some help, their chances of making the playoffs are slipping away. They will need to win out, more than likely, then get help.

Eagles vs Bengals- (My Pick)-Bengals- (Winner)- Bengals- The prison inmates game. Well one of them. Cincinnati still has a good defense. They showed it. Neither team is playing for anything.

Dolphins vs Ravens- (My Pick)- Ravens- (Winner)- Ravens- As I predicted before the season started, the AFC North is coming down to Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Baltimore owns the tie breaker. Whoever doesn’t win the division will likely miss making the playoffs. Baltimore destroyed Miami.

49ers vs Bears- (My Pick)- 49ers- (Winner)- Bears- OK, so I tried to be slick and it didn’t payoff. This was another game for the prison cell mates to watch and take a nap while doing so.

Bills vs Raiders- (My Pick)- Raiders- (Winner)- Raiders- In the first half, I was a little nervous about my pick. But Oakland quickly changed that. It’s going to come down to Oakland and Kansas City for the AFC West.

Giants vs Steelers- (My Pick)- Steelers- (Winner)- Steelers- Both teams need wins coming down the stretch. Pittsburgh took care of business at home with a huge win over New York.

Redskins vs Cardinals- (My Pick)- Redskins- (Winner)- Cardinals- This was a big loss for Washington. They’ll need to win at least 3 of their final 4 games and get help to make the playoffs.

Buccaneers vs Chargers- (My Pick)- Buccaneers- (Winner)- Buccaneers – Tampa Bay gets a big road win. They are still in the running for the NFC South. Atlanta losing obviously helps.

Panthers vs Seahawks- (My Pick)- Seahawks- (Winner)- Seahawks- The game wasn’t even close. And now Carolina is done.


Colts vs Jets- (My Pick)- Colts- (Winner)- Colts- Another blowout. Indianapolis needed this win to stay with Houston. They did just that.


Out of 15 games played, I only missed on 3. That’s more like it.

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