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Broulis Beat Report: Josh Gordon, Sashi Brown and much more!

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CANTON, Ohio- If it’s not one thing, it’s another. If you guessed I’m talking about the Cleveland Browns, you guessed right.

It was reported earlier, that Patriots backup QB Jimmy G is NOT available. I, personally, have no problem with that news. It cracks me up how so many people, not only locally, but nationally, that think Garoppolo is the second coming of Tom Brady. To make some of those in the media sound even worse, they’re even telling the Browns to send the #1, #12 and another draft pick to New England to get Jimmy Garoppolo. That statement is more national than local. No way am I willing or wanting to trade any of those picks for a guy who IS NOT PROVEN!

The Cleveland Browns have a chance to upgrade their defense by a large margin in this draft.

You should already know my feelings by now regarding Myles Garrett and Jonathan Allen. I prefer Allen. Someone (no names please) recently said the other day, here is the difference between Garrett and Allen. Both are worthy of the #1 overall pick. But it depends on how you view them and what you want to do on defense. Garrett has a higher ceiling and could become one of the best pass rushers, not only in the current NFL, but of all-time. But there is risk involved with him. No one knows if he’ll become that elite pass rusher that so many predict he’ll become. Plus, Myles Garrett is strictly a pass rusher. Here’s another thing to think about with Myles. In a pass happy league, more teams are in need, more so than ever before, of having that edge rusher to get to the QB quicker. So, if you have a pass rusher like that, consider yourself lucky. But, again, no one can make that promise with Garrett.

On the other side of the coin, you have Jonathan Allen. He’s more pro ready and the safer pick. The new Browns DC Gregg Williams would have the luxury of lining up Jonathan anywhere on the defensive line. Allen can cause chaos in the middle of the defense, or you can use him as an edge rusher. Now, obviously, Jonathan Allen is not a natural pass rusher off the edge like what Garrett might be, but more than likely, he’ll command double teams wherever they stick him. Jonathan Allen is the safer pick of the two.

That’s what a draft expert said, just the other day. I happen to agree with every word he said.

By now, you should’ve heard about Josh Gordon trying to get back in the NFL. It would be a huge mistake if the Browns bring him back. Cleveland needs to try and get anything, if they can, for Gordon. Josh Gordon has had more chances than I can remember, to make things right and turn, not only his life around, but his football life around. He has proven that he’s not ready to make his NFL career the main focus of his life. Right now, he can’t keep his head on straight, and he’s always bad news. No thanks!

If the Cleveland Browns let Terrelle Pryor get away, I will not be a happy writer. I understand that Pryor isn’t one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. But, after watching him last year, he has potential to be a top 10 WR. Cleveland needs to get him signed to a long-term deal ASAP. Stop fooling around with your good players like you have in the past and get a deal done. It would be a different story if this front office gave me the confidence that they can go draft a WR to take his spot and have an immediate impact. But, I have no faith at all, that they can do that. Get a deal done!

I’m on record of writing that I want Cleveland to take the top defensive players at 1 and 12. At pick 33, I want them to take the best player available. That could be a defensive guy or an offensive guy. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Browns go with the best available offensive linemen or a tight end. First off, Cleveland will be getting back some offensive linemen before training camp, but, at some point, Cleveland is going to need to find a replacement for Joe Thomas, who is 32 years old and is entering his 11th season in the NFL. He’s been Mr. Reliable. But, how much longer can Thomas and his knees last, playing on the outside dealing with great pass rushers? Here’s another thing to think about. Last time I checked, Cleveland doesn’t have a proven solid starter at center. Now here’s something else to think about regarding the center position. The New York Jets recently let go of seven-time pro bowler Nick Mangold. While he’s not as good as he used to be, I’d be willing to bet he’s better than anyone we have on the roster. And if not, it’s worth the risk. But, there’s one problem with this idea. It’s now being rumored that the Bengals, Ravens, Cardinals, Seahawks, Chargers and Buccaneers are all ideal landing spots for Mangold to land. Unfortunately, at this point in Mangold’s career, he’d probably prefer a title contending team over a team that is still in the early phases of a rebuild like the Browns. I would love Cleveland to take a chance on Mangold and if he can be solid for at least a year or two, that would give the Browns a chance to find a young center to fill the void that would be left once Mangold moves on.

I also brought up the tight end position. Gary Barnidge has been a good tight end, but I’m starting to get the feeling that his best days may be behind him. Barnidge is in the middle of a three-year contract extension with Cleveland. He’s due $2.7M in 2017 and $3.3M in 2018. I have no problem keeping Barnidge around, but, at some point, the Browns will need to find a replacement for him as well. Gary Barnidge is 31 and will be 32 in September.

Sashi Brown and company held a meeting with the media at the NFL’s scouting combine Wednesday morning in Indianapolis. When asked about the QB situation, Brown said they’re keeping their options open with Griffin, Kessler and Kevin Hogan. He has not promised that Cleveland would draft a QB in the draft. I would highly recommend taking a QB at some point in the draft. I have no interest in Tyrod Taylor or Mike Glennon. I’d rather bring back Griffin, Kessler, Hogan and then draft a QB later in the draft. I already know Griffin is extremely injury prone and likely won’t make it through 1 game. I already know that Kessler doesn’t like to throw the ball down the field. And yes, I already know Kevin Hogan doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL QB. At the end of the day, the Browns are in a very difficult situation when it comes to their quarterback situation. No good free-agents are on the market and none are worthy of a first round pick. It’s probably a stretch to say they’re worthy of a second-round pick. But, you know as well as I do, that some team who, other than the Browns, will draft a QB strictly out of desperation in the first round.

All I’m hoping for, is that Cleveland doesn’t reach for a QB and takes the best available player with each pick.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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