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Broulis Beat Report: I Had A Random Cavs Lineup Thought

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CANTON,Ohio- Some of you may call me crazy. My friends already do call me crazy and I’m perfectly fine with that. But I had a “vision” for a change in the Cavs lineup so let me know what you think.

Now please keep in mind that this will not take place this year due to how far we are in the season, but next year.

If you watch enough Cavalier games you should have noticed by now that Kyrie Irving loves to dominate the ball. He also loves to shoot the ball and hes a good shooter. He also has some of, if not, the best dribbling handles in the Association. Irving also has an ability to make nice passes.

What I’m getting at is this. Starting next year this is my new Cavs lineup.

PG- LeBron James- I know some of you may say that’s just stupid but why not? James is the teams best passer, he can dribble drive and the only thing he needs to improve on which I’m confident he can is his jump shot. He can see the floor better than anyone and is 6’7 so he can also see over the defense.

SG- Kyrie Irving- Moving Irving over the the shooting guard puts him at a spot in the lineup where you need to be able to shoot and score and worry less about passing the ball but that’s obviously always an option. I know he’s undersized for being a shooting guard but I think it would still work because opponents would have to play off him enough to respect his dribble drive capabilities. 

Moving Irving to the Two guard spot also allows you to bring Shumpert off the bench and allow J.R. Smith to walk if he chooses. Plus you can still rotate at the PG position between Irving, Delly and Mo Williams who is under contract for one more year. This also could provide James with more rest time or move him around and take some of the scoring burden off him.

Just looking at the current roster and obviously not knowing what changes are coming this Summer here’s who I would put at the SF, PF, and center positions.

SF- Cleveland could use Channing Frye. He is under contract for another year. James Jones has always been productive when he gets playing time and who knows maybe Cleveland could lure Jared Dudley from Washington. You have players Two players that can play at the small forward spot plus I’m sure the Cavs will sign one person during the Summer.

PF- Kevin Love and coming off the bench is Thompson.

Center- This is the tricky position because Mozgov will be gone. You cna start Thompson at center and maybe they hang onto Sasha Kaun but he needs a lot of work. Again Cleveland will need to sign someone during the Summer.

My options would be Marreese Speights who played for us a few years ago who would be a good pickup and at a good price and believe it or not Zaza Pachulia. Zaza is a good defender and has a decent shot and plays with a lot of passion and plays hard and his price tag it’s high at all.

My whole point to you is I think Cleveland would be better off with Irving at shooting guard and let Kyrie and Kevin manage most of the scoring load and allow LeBron to facilitate the offense but allow him to score when he thinks it’s time.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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