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Broulis Beat Report: Calling Out Cavs

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CANTON,Ohio- I said about 2 weeks ago that I have changed my opinion on Cleveland winning the NBA title this year. I say that because I just don’t feel this Cavs team is “All In” like they want everyone to think.

I know even the best teams get a nice little beat down from teams here and there but to me this team has too much stuff going on in the back round.

DEFENSE- When they decide to play defense they do look like a team that can win it all. Problem is they’re not consistent with it. Almost like they need someone to remind them that they still have to play defense to play up to their potential.

MOVING THE BALL- When they do pass the ball and more than 2 players touch the ball on 1 offensive possession then they play great. But again too many times Kyrie decided he wants to go one on one. I don’t mind so much when James is handling it at the top of the key because he’s either going to get to the rim, get fouled or pass it to an open shooter. But they’re not consistent enough at moving the ball.

KEVIN LOVE- So for the first few games after Lue took over we seen him taking shots from 15 feet or closer. Thank you because that’s where his best spots are. Now hes back to standing behind the 3-point line and taking 6-7 3 pointers a game. Love is not a great outside shooter.

If the Cavs haven’t figured this out by now then trade him this Summer. Wonder why the offense was flowing much better against the Denver Nuggets? Because Frye is a good perimeter shooter plus he can get you some ugly shots inside the paint. Love needs to only be taking 3 or 4 shots from deep at the most. He’s fully capable of scoring 25-30 points a night if he stays in the mid range area.

NO LEBRON- This team needs to know how to win without James. I understand they will need LeBron against the top tier teams but seriously…..Orlando, New York, New Jersey. You get the idea. That forces Lue to give more minutes to other players and/or use more players.

AT THE END OF THE DAY- There is a feeling around the league that the Cavs are soft and can be bullied around with few consequences. Plus add the fact that every team is going to give Cleveland their best shot every game. This team doesn’t have the talent alone to win it. If they’re going to win the NBA title they must become stronger mentally and I need to see more togetherness. I need to see more of these players playing for one another. I don’t see often of that right now. 

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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