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Broulis Beat Report: Browns,Cavs,Buckeyes,Indians and More!

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CANTON,Ohio- I have plenty to talk about with the Cavaliers, Indians, Buckeyes and Browns, but let me start off by saying even though I wasn’t able to stay up and watch all of last night’s home run derby, I really enjoyed watching Prince Fielder launch home runs only to lose to Todd Frazier.

Putting the sluggers on a timer was just an amazing idea in my opinion and I like the break their allowed to take during their 5 minutes. The only thing I don’t like is giving them an extra 30 seconds if they hit it over 430 feet or whatever it was. I think if they hit it over 450 they only get an extra 10 or 15 seconds but other than that I also loved the bracket as well.

Cavaliers- First off it’s sad to say that the days of signing mid-level players to $20-$30 million contracts are all but over with. Cleveland is going to have to sign Thompson to around $80 or $85 million and that’s just the way it is. I wouldn’t do it but I’m not in control.

Right now I’m not sure what is going to happen with Delly and the Cavs or J.R. Smith but LeBron did say in an interview the other day that he would like to see Smith return and so would I but I wish his bone headed decisions would stay away or as I would like to say grow up when it comes to your poor decision making on the court because Smith made some really dumb fouls during the finals. As for Delly, even if he he does return I don’t see him being a factor much unless major injuries occur to both Iring and Williams. Yes, Irving will miss games but we hope Mo Williams can stay relatively healthy.

Indians- Right now the Tribe is in a spot I don’t want them to be in both playoff positioning wise and trade deadline wise. I’m not sure if their going to be buyers or sellers come the end of this month. I don’t want them to trade any part of their starting rotation but we are in desperate need of another bat.

I don’t see Bourn being traded to anyone unless it’s an N.L. team and you can forget about Nick Swisher. Carlos Santana may get you something but if he continues to slump do you just use his final option that he has left and try getting his confidence back up down in Columbus with the Clippers? I don’t know at this point but we need to figure out a way to try and get one more good bat in the lineup if we want to attempt to get that first or second wild card.

Browns- You may already think I’m crazy now so you may think I’m even more crazy when I say that IF IF IF Josh McCown can have the season he had with Chicago in 2013 that the Cleveland Browns WILL make the playoffs. I don’t see that happening but if he can do that then we will.

I think a lot of people saying how bad he is are just going off his previous season with Tampa Bay. Here’s my counter. He played behind one of the worst if not the worst offensive line in the league and no running game to help him out. The only thing Tampa Bay was better with according to stats on was their defense was ranked slightly higher.

Buckeyes- It’s won’t be long and Ohio Stadium will be packed again but first is unfinished business. It’s time for revenge and destroy the Hokies of Virginia Tech which I fully expect.

Next is the big question. Who is named the starter at quarterback? If you want explosiveness then you go with Braxton Miller. If you want a future NFL 2016 draft pick and cannon for an arm you go with CarDale Jones. Or if you want to go with my pick which is the best of both worlds you go with J.T. Barrett. I feel Barrett gives Ohio State the best chance to repeat and it helps to have Elliott in the back field regardless.


Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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