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Broulis Beat Report: Browns Lose 12th Straight Season Opener

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CANTON,Ohio- It was the same old usual season opener for the Cleveland Browns. I heard all week long that they can’t possibly lose to a rookie quarterback with only 30 snaps in preseason plus injured ribs. Well it happened. And I predicted that.

THE UGLY- The Eagles, aside from a slow second quarter, dominated this game. In this case, the score did indicate how the game went for both teams. At times, Browns QB Robert Griffin III looked ok. Other times not so much. The offensive line was horrible. The secondary just as bad. All of which I already knew about coming into this season.

THE BAD- Dropped passes by tight end Gary Barnidge, a high snap from center Cam Erving which was the turning point in the game for Cleveland in my opinion. That turned into a 9 point swing. The defenses inability to cover short yardage plays. The tackling was really bad. Wide receivers not getting open. Griffin suffered a sprained shoulder.

THE GOOD- Yes, there was some good. The running game was actually better than I expected. Why? Because our offensive line is average at best. Britton Colquitt did a good job of punting the ball deep to help the defense out. The Eagles didn’t have great field position after a punt.

MY FINAL THOUGHT’S- This doesn’t have much to do with the game, but more about the overreaction from not just Browns fans, which I already knew would happen, but from some of the media on radio. 

One of the first things I heard from a co-host on ESPN Cleveland named Aaron Goldhammer was this “The Browns whiffed on a franchise quarterback in Carson Wentz”. So what your saying Mr.Goldhammer is that because Wentz won one game against a bad defense, he’s a franchise QB? 

This also leads me to saying this about rookies. None of them are guarantees to be successful regardless of what college they came from. Sure, Wentz looked good. But again this Cleveland defense, especially the secondary, is really bad. I personally think Wentz will struggle when throwing against much better defenses as a whole. Now if he learns to adjust, he may still become a great QB. None of us will know until three years or so from now.

The Philadelphia Eagles are now 1-0 and visit the 0-1 Chicago Bears next week.

The Cleveland Browns start out 0-1 and now host the 1-0 Baltimore Ravens in their home opener.

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