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Brian Hoyer: Thursday night will define his career

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Browns vs bengalsThe state of the Browns current quarterback controversy is pretty simple, there isn’t one.  I think there has been so much buzz in this town about Johnny Manziel because Cleveland just doesn’t understand what winning is.  Browns have endured so much losing over the last decade and a half that fans have forgotten how to be happy.  Even at 5 -3 fans continue to find something to complain about, and for most its Brian Hoyer.  I completely understand that he has taken a couple statistical steps back from the first few weeks, but at the same time, the team is very different now than it was at the beginning of the season.  The loss of one of the leagues best centers in Alex Mack has completely altered the offensive line, destroying the once effective the run game.  Hoyer has had to rely on his arm more often and that has made him more predictable.

The key point we must address is that the Browns are a winning football team. Yes, they have beat some bottom dwellers to get to that record and lost to one of the only 2 zero win teams at the time, but overall they are finding ways to win, and Brian is a huge part of that.   Critics say these games shouldn’t be so close, and that Johnny ( rookie) Football would be able to move the ball down the field more consistently and efficiently.  Maybe they are right… probably not.  These same teams that we have beaten by small margins have also beaten or come close to beating some very good football teams like the Steelers and New Orleans.  All that tells us is that they, like all teams in the NFL, have a shot to win on any given Sunday.

To the fans who want a change at QB, I say THURSDAY.  Wait until the last second ticks off the clock on the Thursday night against the Bengals, and then make your judgement.  Its a divisional game against a strong opponent with the division lead on the line.  Hoyer will show what kind of player he is, because its not only a season defining game, but a career defining one as well.

Lets hope he succeeds and then we can collectively begin focusing on a 6-3 football team with a strong chance of making the playoffs for the first time since I was in high school.

Johnny will have his day, and I hope when he gets his shot he plays like a football GOD, until then he should be Brian’s biggest cheerleader and help him be the best QB the browns have had since the team came back into the league in 1999.

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