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A Tiny NFL Story about Linemen

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The picture on the right is of signed autographs I got while visiting Jaguars team practices, and some events they hold in communities. The picture on the left is me being more creative with healthier foods.

Reason I put some of these in here is because it goes with the story.

I always asked the players questions at these events

I don’t pry because Ive always been interested in being a sports reporter or personality, reporting news on the NFL & some college.  I may ask one question, not wanting to hold other people up from getting their autographs, or be rude to other players.

I’ve always been a beanpole. I’ve been very skinny my whole entire life, and can only recall having six pack abs one time, for as little as only a year. It was from running. I know running goes a long way in to becoming an extreme beefcake-beast.

So I happen to listen to Rush Limbaugh every now and then, especially when I drive somewhere I’ll put him on.  The other day he described NFL lineman as having to eat up to something like 6000 calories a day, and live in the refrigerator.

Rush also reported on the radio that linemen eat so much to keep on weight because steroids  can not be used.  He made it sound like it used to be key for how these guys would stay big and strong before.

So while at the event the other day I asked a linemen from the Jags; “What do you eat?” to get a sense of what his diet is. Even though he was fat out of shape looking, I still was thinking maybe he is like Vince Wilfork of the Patriots. Big, fat, but has it together nicely. For years Vince held it down pretty well.

So to my utter disbelief, the player tells me something that shocked me so bad, it almost hit me in the kidney, like hypothetically in my head. It ‘Shocked’ me. He said, “I eat burgers.” I said, “You eat burgers?” the guy was almost like looking like he just screwed up by telling me that.

Being raised in the military, I was a Marine Brat, and learned what a healthy Marine looks like, and what a fat out of shape Marine, that can kill, looks like.

Ever since, I started thinking about how to tell people about their health, but only with things I see as important for them to be more physically fit. One part begins with eating healthily, at least living healthy.

I am at low risk of a stroke, heart attack, not because I exercise; because I detox & eat food that targets good health for hearts, & energy. I have preventive things going on in my body. So I was completely shocked and still am he said that. As a matter of fact, I do not think I will say his name.

Sounds embarrassing.


Do a garden, do work on the farm, & eat your accomplishments.

As I said, I was skinny for year? Well I always thought getting sort of heavy weight was the only real possible way a skinny beanpole could ever become a muscle bound freak of nature.

It is true, the only way you can build muscle volume, is only by putting on weight. I took the lazy approach, & tried to relax my aching muscles.


I forgot to stretch out for years & am paying for it.

I will build muscle up with honest means though, while gaining weight, & I will explain to the entire world. Hope the NFL players, not the hierarchy is listening. Don’t want the top people to listen, because they will surely keep these guys on burgers & fries and that isn’t living.

My energy booster, that will help me maintain healthy muscle mass after using is Eggplant Extract. I will, or am going to hunt this stuff down, GNC, wherever. When the time comes & I am ready, I will self inject and/or, have a partner I do up, he hits me up with a completely legal to do this way also (I just will not do that where anybody can see); I will be using it like illegal-roids but, it will in fact be completely legal.

I did suggest people go & as their doctors about this, but it has been studied & proven  not to give any side effects. My method is completely side effect free for everybody; also been proved side effect won’t make people mean & scary, they stay the same also in the future. Your body won’t pay for it later.

Don’t forget to stretch.

I have no idea where I heard that from, but it is not a secret NFL players, some already use this method.

I just want to be a bad ass dude, is why I am going to do this. Been talking about it for years, & my body weight now is at around 200 pound, & am usually a 180 pound man, is my normal weight. & be strong.

The point when I finally get huge, I will plow my gardens & till them with a mule plower, on my own back &, do all sort of crazy farm course like exercise routine type regiments workouts. Is my plan.

Unless you come up with some country type of exercise thing you do in the city, I just cannot see city folks not getting out of having to work extra hard in your gyms, to be at the level somebody country strong is. Comparing city folks with country folk is like a myth in my head. It is just not there, either would it be without steady discipline. That would be only like what you would get in the Marines, maybe.

Stronger. Not stronger than me even. Stronger than yourself. Because I am only in competition of being better myself. I have something to prove to myself, & will do this.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Chris Anonymous Colum

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